About us

Who we are

Drensys is a New York-based business technology
implementer, maintainer, and integrator.

Our Remote Support and On-Premise Technician teams are made of swiss army knife techs with skill and knowledge across the technological board. And we use our experience to simplify your life by making sure your IT needs are always taken care of before you even have to think about it. We do that by using custom-designed monitoring tools that collect data 24/7/365 about unusual patterns within your infrastructure, and either automatically fix the underlying issue, or let us know that further action needs to be taken. How great would it be if all your problems auto-fixed themselves before you even knew they existed! And worst comes to worst, our Disaster Recovery is unparalleled, and is the number one reason why our clients love us and continue referring to us.

Think of us as your IT janitors, and insurance policy. We clean up IT messes of any proportions, and if disaster, such as Ransomware, hits, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive Back Up and Restore solution with minimal downtime.

In addition to IT support and maintenance, we also specialize in Technology Integration and Implementation projects. Need a state-of-the-art surveillance solution that also works with your intercoms and phone system? We’re your guys. Building out a new office and not sure how to prepare for technological upgrades for years to come? We’ll guide you through it. No project is too big or too small for our multi-able technicians.

Please visit our services page to learn more, or contact us if you’re ready to get onboard.

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