Case Studies

This is a short catalog of services and solutions Drensys implemented for our clients.

South Amboy Plumbing Supply

Field: Retail
Locations: 2
Ongoing Services:
Managed IT Support with On-Site for 10+ users
Endpoint Management for 30 devices and growing
On-Boarding Services Included:
  • Multi-Location Integration
  • Issue: Client operated out of two locations that did not share anything but the name of the company.
    Solution: Drensys achieved complete integration by using VPN tunnel. It provided the customer with business continuity, such as quick access to their off-premise software vendor, on-premise PBX solution, and their other network needs between both locations operating as one.
  • Email
  • Issue: The client was always reaching their limit, forced to erase messages and fearing of loosing new ones as the quota was reached within a few days.
    Solution: Google G-Suite was the most secure and cost effective approach for their business, offering filtering, on the fly email creating and routing, high storage capacity and best of all ease of use.
  • IP Surveillance
  • Issue: Client had two separate analog systems at two locations. They had to use different softwares for each location, weren’t able to playback exactly what they needed when they needed it, and spent countless hours looking for incident footage.
    Solution: A custom Drensee IP Surveillance solution was implemented to combine cameras from both locations into one server, with ability to view and playback as many as 24 cameras with a click of a button. Smart Search Module enabled the client to search and pull any recording within minutes. Additional services included Back-up, and 24/7 system health monitoring.

Accureference Medical Labs

Field: Medical Lab
Locations: Multiple across the globe
Ongoing Services:
Managed IT Support with On-Site for over 500 users
Endpoint Management for over 200 devices and growing
On-Boarding Services Included:
  • Ransomware Clean-Up and Prevention
  • Issue: Constant Ransomware hacks with different variants. Client was forced to pay the ransom to recover files due to poorly set-up backup, and non-existent disaster recovery process. Last Ransomware attack left the lab crippled without files and emails for 6 days.
    Solution: Drensys carefully examined and traced the location of the Ransomware outbreak. There were many underlying issues, most concerning of which was unmanaged permissions for Active Directory, Users, and Passwords. That was causing constant system vulnerabilities, allowing hackers easy access to company’s resources via simple brute force attack. We have cleaned up active directory, disabled old and decommissioned users, set up proper user and folder permissions, elevated password and user upkeep. We also installed our proprietary Ransomware Detection Tool to alert us of possible attacks for faster response time.
  • Back-Up
  • Issue: Backup was non-existent in a company with over 40TB of data. Servers and files were lost during a Ransomware attach due to mismanagement, and lack of appropriate BackUp solution in place.
    Solution: Drensys developed a cost-effective solution by providing Synology NAS in combination with Device Backup software Acronis. As an Acronis partner company, we were able to provide unlimited device image backups to Cloud or Local Drive for unlimited backup, and ease of restoration. Drensys delivered a complete system backup, restoring crashed OS and/or hardware within hours, and keeping the lab working without losing days of work.
  • Remote Application
  • Issue: Client was utilizing RDP protocol without certificate or any proper gateway. As this is an international company, many remote employees in other countries were connecting to the system in non-secure ways due to lack of appropriate set-up and training. Multiple Ransomware attacks, and other hacking instances occurred.
    Solution: With Parallels Remote Application Server Drensys was able to achieve remote published applications via app and web form. Overlay with SSL certificate and Failover by two independent ISPs provided a complete and secure solution to remote computing.

Borbas Pharmacy and Surgical Supply

Field: Retain, Medical
Locations: 2
Ongoing Services:
Managed IT Support with On-Site for 7 users
Endpoint Management for 20 devices and growing
On-Boarding Services Included:
  • IT Infrastructure Rehab and Upgrade
  • Issue: Client had a complete lack of support and maintenance for their IT infrastructure. Due to this negligence a multitude of issues occurred: network space was cluttered and failing, a valuable Server was lost due to RAID failure of multiple hard-drives that were 3+ years past recommended warranty.
    Solution: Drensys devised a solution plan with cost-efficiency in mind. We were able to salvage one server with minor hardware upgrades, and completely reconstructed it with the use of vSphere solution with virtualization of Remote Desktop Server and their 3rd-Party Pharmacy and Surgical Supplies Software. Other existing servers were converted to Images to run via vSphere server, thus consolidating space, and virtualizing existing technology.
  • Issue: Lack of proper Backup. Use of untrusted 3rd-party cloud companies. External drives were poorly fastened to the wall, without surge protection, while holding important customer data—risk of loss at 100%.
    Solution: Drensys transferred all of the Data onto the Synology NAS, in conjunction with backup via Acronis to NAS and Cloud for additional redundancy. We have adjusted the security and added our proprietary Ransomware Detection Tool, to monitor and prevent any and all future attacks. We also overhauled existing network site by cleaning and removing excess wire and unnecessary hardware, tagging, tracing and certifying the site for optimum performance.
  • 3rd Party Software
  • Issue: While Migrating the server to Virtual Machine, we have examined the software for better understanding. It was found that there were incorrect shortcuts and multiple instances of software databases running at the same time, thus reading instabilities.
    Solution: Via collaboration with the software vendor, we were able to isolate unnecessary files, paths, and shortcuts, and provide a clean direct link to the user executable file. This increased performance, overall user functionality, and stability for local and remote users.

Big Apple Institute

Field: Education
Locations: 2 Schools, 1 Billing office
Ongoing Services:
Managed IT Support with On-Site for over 50 users
Endpoint Management for over 500 devices and growing

Drensys has been providing services to Big Apple Institute for a number of years. Over that time multiple upgrades have been made. They include:

  • Connectivity and Internet Redundancy
  • Microwave Site-to-Site Technology has been used by the military as it is one of the most stable over-air connections out there, with ability to carry petabytes of data at close ranges, and to sustain 90% of performance in poor weather.
    Each client location was set up with Point to Point Microwave Dish Technology. Drensys created Mesh Topology Network to provide a network between all sites. This saved the company costly hardware expenses, hefty upkeep of said hardware, and lowered their monthly internet bill.
  • Security Services
  • • Drensys equipped the client with over 180 surveillance cameras between all campus locations.
    • Complete Endpoint Protection with 24/7 Monitoring and Fault Detection in conjunction with Cloud Security and on premise Firewall system.
    • Disaster Recovery with Acronis Cloud Enterprise solution.
  • Custom Cloud and On-Premise Database
  • Drensys programming team came up with a custom database for report card and attendance systems to create an effortless, and capable solution for the entire administration to access with an ease within their own secure cloud.